Covid-19 Update

In Club News by Rochdale Rugby

Hi All 

Iain Coates, RRUFC Chairman

In these uncertain times I thought it would be welcomed by all associated with our Club for me to explain and update you on our current position. 

As soon as the seriousness of this pandemic became evident, we sought advice from the RFU, our bank, our accountants, our insurers, our supply chain, our members and others to mitigate the financial effects by working together. From all of these meetings we formed a survival plan. No one can predict every possible outcome of the Covid-19 outbreak, particularly with regard to the duration of this crisis and we are managing in the unknown.  We have reluctantly postponed the Men’s Dinner to a future date to be agreed when things return to normal.

We are working on an assumption based on a return to rugby in the autumn but getting the Club open before this.  We shall continue to monitor against this assumption and review and revise plans where necessary. 

As we know the season ended early and the Club closed.  No income has meant our outgoings had to be closed down as soon as possible.  This task will have been fully completed by the end of April as some commitments had been entered into for this season’s end date.  However, some outgoings cannot be disposed of e.g. insurances, utility standing orders, etc., So our cash flow will be monitored daily.  

We have investigated grants available and have some applications in place. Loans however have, to date, been avoided. 

Looking ahead, you may be able to help your Club at a difficult time. The Rochdale RUFC ‘500 Club’ has in recent months generated funds which can be used on the promoting and maintenance of our rugby facility but not our everyday bills.  So, if you are wondering how best you can help the Club then joining the ‘500 Club’ is an excellent way. 

For more details please see: or contact the Club’s Vice Chairman Jonathan Rhodes via email at:

Another contributor that will help our effort is Easyfundraising. I would urge you to support the Club every time that you shop online. This costs you absolutely nothing but benefits the Club, every time you shop. When every penny counts for the Club you can help at no cost to your own pocket. For more details see:

That’s the position at this present time. I shall update you further in weeks to come. Compared with many our problems are small and with correct management systems we will survive to be back both on the field and around our bar as soon as possible.

To conclude on a positive, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Rochdale RUFC to congratulate the whole ‘Kelly family’ who are celebrating Daniel signing his first professional contract with Leicester Tigers.  Good Luck Daniel we are so proud of you. 

Regards and best wishes 


Iain Coates
Chairman Rochdale Rugby union Football Club