U16 overwhelmed at Broughton Park

In Under 16s by Rochdale Rugby

A bright, sunny day set the perfect scene for an intense cup game, Rochdale clashing with Broughton Park for a thrilling match.

From kickoff the constant and close battle of the two sides keeps the audience on the sideline entertained. Action first arises, when a penalty kick for Broughton pushes Rochdale back resulting in a line-out just outside the Rochdale try line. However the Rochdale forwards manage to cleverly put the threat to an end, reading the move winning back the ball for a scrum, where Adam executed a well placed kick, chased by Nife putting a strong hit on the Broughton winger causing him to knock it on, winning a scrum for Rochdale further up the pitch.

After a series of running it in back and forth to each other the first points are eventually put on the board with a few pod balls giving a break into space for Broughton, which leads to a try. Conversion made (7-0).

Rochdale not giving up, David receives a high kick from Broughton and follows it back with a strong run, being such the powerhouse he is, the only way he could be stopped was a high tackle leading to a yellow card for the opposition.

Making use of the advantage, a well deserved chance finally opens for Rochdale after they win the ball from opposition line-out once again. Utilising the game-tying opportunity, a swift spread to a strong kick from Adam put the ball deep in to Broughton’s end, a real foot race, under the pressure the Broughton fullback fumbles the ball, leaving it open on the ground , Daniel retrieves it for rochdale with a swift pick up and pops it to Ryan totally outpacing the opposition with his lighting speed from the 22 for a try between posts. Conversion made (7-7).

Back even again both teams battling heavily, Broughton getting dangerously close, but Rochdale defence stay composed, not settling easy and win the ball back again. Another well executed kick from Adam gives Jonty the time to charge down the opposition for a smashing tackle on the Broughton fullback taking him down instantly, easing the pressure for Rochdale.

Soon after, Rochdale defence saves the day again, after a rip from Broughton leads to a series of crash balls. However Rochdale matches the power with consistent tackles holding their space well, until a sudden swift spread of the ball puts Broughton in for a break along the line surely through for a try, but Rochdale not giving up manage to hold the ball up in the try area keeping themselves safe and the score even.

Ongoing constant battle between the two sides concludes a strong, evenly match first half at 7-7.

The game resumes again with a kickoff from Rochdale, the battle from the first half has clearly carried on. Broughton win a scrum just inside their half, where they carry the ball forward with a series a massive runs from the centre, wing and fullback. A few punches, and a quick spread of the ball leaves our outside isolated. Broughton are through for a try. Conversion made. (14-7). Soon after, Broughton win another scrum, in a similar position, leading to the same conclusion. Conversion made.(21-7). With heads dropping, fatigue kicking in, and players from the Rochdale side having to go off with injuries, it is not looking bright for Rochdale. Further on, a monstrous run of the kick-off has Broughton charging through tackles and over the line. Conversion made. (28-7). Following this, Broughton carry on, with their number 8 putting in a strong run, paired with an offload for another try. No conversion. (33-7)

Rochdale still not wanting to give up, keep their harsh tackles and powerful runs, even in the case of the score. Especially Nife, who after seeing the opposition break the line, was not willing to give up and went into a truly speed-testing foot race despite the colossal gap off space between the two. Somehow managing to catch up, he dives forward grasping the opposition player, stopping and taking him down on the 10 metre line, where Rochdale eventually win a penalty for holding on to the ball.

Broughton soon come back with another attempt at a try. Succeeding, to finish the game. Conversion made.(40-7)

Overall a great team effort, with a mighty first half, which unfortunately could not be followed due to the injuries and fatigue in the second half. Man of the match awarded to Nife, for his great tackles and never wanting to lose hope or give up.

Ben Leaver