Phil Hargreaves, Powersave Installations

In Business Club by Rochdale Rugby

Business based in: Rochdale
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Business website:
Phone number: 07 976 230 280
Business services:
Saving commercial clients energy, money, and carbon.
The “One-Stop-Shop” for LED lighting retrofit, upgrade or new installations for retail, offices, warehouses, factories, public buildings.

Unique selling points:
Saving, saving, and saving:
• Slashing energy bills.
• Reducing maintenance costs.
• Saving carbon to meet reduction objectives.

So, save energy, save money, maybe the planet! High energy prices mean that return on investment can sometimes be in months. Projects pay for themselves! Savings continue year on year. Reap the financial rewards with Powersave.

Clients I want: Owners and lessees of the following: Large offices, large retail units and malls, warehouses, distribution centres, factories.

My expertise: Director level, personal LED project management. Short chains of command.

Years in business: 10 years