The June Update

In Club News by Rochdale Rugby


Iain Coates, RRUFC Chairman

Despite still managing in the ‘unknown’, I thought it was the correct time to update our current position. The government issued a phased return to sport and recreation guidance note on Sunday 31st May.

The guidelines included more detailed information with regards to the use of equipment and multiple groups. Physical contact with anyone outside the same household is not permitted.

However despite this, we have decided to try and implement a phased, controlled and above all safe series of events which can no way be described as a return to rugby. I have insisted that it is not what we do but the way that we do it which is of paramount importance.

Plans for a return, initially for the senior squads, will be put to the Club trustees and officers for approval. Subject to approval it is proposed that a pilot session will be held on Tuesday 9th June under the management of our Director of Rugby. Following this, if successful, the Club’s officers will look at further roll-outs for other sections and communicate accordingly.

  • Some think it is right to return to work, some don’t.
  • Some think it is right to return to social activities, some don’t.
  • Some think it is right to return to school, some don’t.
  • Personally I haven’t got a clue!

However when we have so called experts arguing for both sides, opening our club and facilities is not going to be easy. We will not all agree on measures or time scales implemented.

Further updates will follow but for the vast majority of us the Club and all its facilities remain closed for now.

Look after yourselves.

Kind regards