TDC Thank You

In Club News by Rochdale Rugby

Dear all,

Just sat watching Bristol v Clermont at the end of a busy week and realised I’d not forwarded a quick note of thanks for the fantastic turnout for Tom on Wednesday at the club. It was great to see you all … it evoked many memories of Tom and times together and was a very emotional and striking pay of respect – perhaps even more so for family members not as familiar with club life who are indirect members of our RRUFC family … Amazing!

Thank you for making the time from busy work and family schedules and for the significant travel that some undertook to attend – unbelievable!

Being there combined with the significant number of messages and cards was a massive support and greatly appreciated by all. In relation to messages, poems and cards, all have been compiled and shared with family members as well as selections in the memorial clips on the club website and Facebook.

We hope the live stream gave some opportunity to join us at the crematorium where we had a short intimate service. Thank you and also apologies for those who attended the crematorium but could not enter due to the present limit on numbers .

One significant aspect unfortunately omitted due to our present circumstance was the social gathering of ours and Toms broader family and friends and the opportunity to spend time together. As mentioned prior, once possible, we will ensure we can get together, complete his goodbye and give us the opportunity to thank all involved in making this sad time easier. Discussions are already taking place and we’ll get dates out in good time.

Finally, thank you also for the donations to Springhill Hospice and memories through the just loving links .

Hope to see you soon. Have a great Christmas & New Year

Steve ( & family)
Steven Downham-Clarke