TDC (Update)

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Dear all 

Thanks for all the messages of support which are being passed onto my Dad, Toms other brother Harry and our wider family . Very much appreciated at this difficult time.

It’s great be able to share the fond memories and significant amount of respect and love for Tom from his and our  rugby family.

We tried to update as many of you as possible asap personally but the volume meant we needed to use the club website & Facebook . Thanks to Richard Bradley for posting a cracking photo on FB from Toms 70th last year at which many of you were present for a great night and for adding a few personal words from me.

I’m not on FB but have seen the response and comments which are testament to the high regard and respect Tom held.

Tom influenced a lot of our lives on and off the pitch resulting in many positive impacts from a personal perspective and the wider club .

I’m lucky and proud of to have had the opportunity to run out on the pitch with him ( although I may have annoyed him at times – obviously, he let me know !… before you say it , I annoyed more than just him!) as his tough, fair, helpful and selfless attitude to the game and life is a decent approach and template for all to aspire to.

Thanks again and hopefully we can raise a glass to Tom together at the club once our COVID issues are resolved – very much looking forwards to that.

RIP Tom – uncle and friend .

Steve & family
Steven Downham-Clarke
26th November 2020