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Rochdale RUFC Clubhouse
Moorgate Avenue, off Bury Road, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL11 5LU
Tel: 01706 646863


ring club, weekdays 8.00 am to 6.00 pm or weekend afternoons
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week 7 2011/12

week 7

1st team

The 1st team entertained Northwich, which turned out to be a very odd game, which we could have won, despite only waking up with 20 minutes to go. They got an early lead and started well, and we ended well. We got 2 bonus points!  Ace ventura made his debut at prop and did a good job! Other mentions go to centres Mair and McNicholas who pushed hard all day. We could really do with 5 points next week at wilmslow. Last time i went to Wilsmlow, i walked in the sponsors bar, and they all stopped and stared at me like i was Gulliver. How welcoming


Skilling was back in 'Fine' form again this week. He fined me for having no tie on, even though i was letting my kids play with it. He is so miserable. I found a picture of him from the 1940s. Skilling, sporting an andy Goode hair style is the only person not smiling. Things dont change eh! Quoting Ronan Keating, i thing Skilling 'Says it best when he says nothing at all'.

2nd team

Good result, poor tactics.

We started like a house on fire and for the first five minutes we were successful with strong forward runners around the fringes.  Unfortunately the last pass didn’t seem to go to hand and a try went begging.  That was pretty much the story for the entire game.  Unfortunately we chose to attack at the heart of their defence for most of the game and were successful in terms of possession and territory but we were unsuccessful on the scoreboard.  Had we chosen to attack out wide and use the pace of Maklin, Howarth and Kingsley, we probably would have scored a try or two and avoided having to play the last five minutes only six points up.  Even though we played the wrong game, the performance of the forwards was immense.  All afternoon they were on hand to carry the ball at the very tough De la Salle defence and compete at the collision area to retain the ball.  They played hard and kept their cool.  Ben Reddings had a cracking game at 8 and his tireless defence and running with ball in hand won him the man of the match honours though he was hard pushed by the rest of the pack.  Dixon was on form with the boot and kept the scoreboard ticking over with 3 from 4 penalties.  One of their boys got red carded late in the game for a punch on a downed Maklin.  Reddings got a 10 minute rest for not being 10 metres at a penalty.  Final whistle, well done boys!  The ‘management team’ of Hodge and Coates were pleased with the result, but were unavailable for comment on the performance.  Stretch’s continued improvement was only partial this week as he had to leave the field before half time due to injury. 


 Rick has openly admitted his favourite film is ghostbusters, but beware, he wont be going to haloween partys dressed as a ghostbuster! He will be coming as a ghost. He likes sneaking up behind people making them smell his dirt fingers, and 'slimes' them with jelly from a meat pie.

Combined services game

It is proposed that there be a game held at Rochdale between the Combined services XV Vs Rochdale on Friday evening April 18th. We are also hoping to invite a forces team to our annual tournament in August. The game is to raise money for the Help for Heroes fund. If you have any ideas on how to raise money,please see Tony Whitehead.

3rd team

We were at home to Eccles this week. We had a solid team despite having to change the line up minutes before kick off due one second row who shall remain nameless for fear of a ribbing coming down with a touch of deli belly 10mins before kick off. We started well with our forwards dominating the early exchanges and getting plenty of good ball for the backs. Some strong running from Jake smith and ross faulkner in the centres made sure that for the rest of the game neither Eccles 10 or  12 wanted to entertain the idea of tackling, which led ben Lundergan opening the scoring with his 4th try in 2 games. A mention should got to Harry "I'm just a fat winger" hill who for the entire half was making big hits and constantly cross the gain line, however it was jimmy Finn who stole the show running in two tries from the back of the scrums showing what a magnificent physical specimen he is. despite at one point using his head as battering ram on their blind side flanker. But as they say no
sense no feeling, which jimmy was definitely testament of. The 2nd half started in much the same way as the 1st. With the exception of a few changes to both the back line and pack...yes that's right we had subs (plural). One of which was the aforementioned deli belly suffering 2nd row. But as is the 3rd team way, concentration started to slip a little and Eccles began to creep back into the game a little until some good work from Wardy and brains got the team fired up again. Towards the end of the 2nd half we switched for brief moment waiting for a whistle for a forward pass that never came and let Eccles in for a try, however they missed the conversation. Jug avoidance this week goes to brains!! For getting over the line, grounding the ball and allowing himself then to rolled over onto his back for the ref who never managed to keep up with play to award a 5m scrum for it being held up, to which there was no reaction from brains, just a little chuckle at not having to get the beers in.

Jed Bentham

Jed told me he managed to complete his Marathon at the ripe old age of 62, and has nearly raised £1000 for Parkinsons. If you get chance please sponsor him! Lee Riddle has also entered a marathon. Please ask him and he will tell you about it.

Beer pong

Watch out for the Beer pong / Billtong brothers, leo and Ronaldo. They are beer pong hustlers. Leo (Zululand) beat John Gilly in the final. The trophy final was won by Ollie (greece), who beat Iceland (Lee Morton). The best dressed was Jed Woolfy, who came dressed as Turkey. Ronaldo pet detective leathered me in the opening game, claiming to have never played before.

4th team

Yet another defeat for the 4ths 60 v 7 against Stockport. Bare 15 once more of wiffs and strays. Plenty of effort for little gain! Sole destroying. The slippery slope of the abyss beckons. A lonely journey down the tunnel of   a colonic irrigation has commenced. Good performances from Jamie Macdougal and tommy Astley the highlight of a depressing day at the coal face. Looking to sign Santa claus and the tooth fairy for next week as something magical needs to happen. MOM ben crossley who worked tirelessly all day!!!

An idiot abroad is being shown agin, now that Jobsworth Tom Helliwell has sorted out sky TV at last! So get up to training this week. Shown 9.15 pm thurs.

 This weeks question for Mel is a difficult one, with 2 answers. In which year, and which city is the 2012 London Olympic games to be held.



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