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Family Touch Rugby

Introducing family touch rugby….

Family touch rugby FAQ’s:

I haven't played rugby before, is it for me?

This is touch rugby – no tackling – and is about evasion, running, passingĀ & catching a ball and teamwork. The rules are very simple (a modification of what our under 7’s play) so are quick to pick up. If you can run and throw & catch a ball, you can play touch rugby!

What are the team sizes?

We are looking at up to 10 players in a team, with between 5 and 7 on the pitch at any one time. we will adapt the team sizes / players numbers based on what happens on the night.

Can mums and daughters play?

Absolutely! – all ages, genders and abilities are welcome.

Are there any age restrictions?

Anyone from U7 upward can play – as we want to make this an inclusive and fun event. We may need to have teams with very young players playing each other, from a safety perspective, but we will see how things play out on the night.

We have a large family can we put in a famiy team?

Yes, of up to 10 players.

There are only 3 or 4 of us, what happens to us?

We will put you together with others to make up a team of 10.

I am coming on my own/with a friend, what happens to me/us?

We will put you with others to make up a team of 10.

Are there a maximum number of teams?

We are looking at a maximum of 15 teams of 10 players. In that case, we will have 3 teams playing a round robin on the pitches available. Any more teams than that and we won’t be able to provide enough playing opportunity each night.

What do I wear?

Shorts, t-shirts and trainers are ideal. To save the pitch surface, we would prefer it if you didn’t wear moulded stud football/rugby boots.

Do I need a mouth guard?

No, this is touch rugby, not contact rugby.

Is there a fee payable?

No – there is no fee to play our family touch, we are organising this to help keep people fit and to have fun.

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